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Brand Vintage by Alejandro Pallarols is the artistic and
exclusive recreation of antiques, but which, because of their
history, significance, aesthetic value, functionality or
uniqueness, have a value that transcends their merely
utilitarian or decorative sense.


Our history is “Our Family”; from Catalonia, Spain and its pioneers in the “Via de las Carretas” the silverware, the fine metal work, the artistic is transmitted in the blood of the Pallarols generations. Their legacies in art and craft are incorporated as sap that runs through the family tree, inheritances and experiences are nurturing “the New Generation” my father José Luis and my uncle Juan Carlos Pallarols -Presidential Goldsmith- are my references in tenacity and work.
“Brand Vintage” is a sum of technique and art that drives me to give an exclusive category applied to a “vintage style” in the work of the artistic relief of metal; creating unique pieces in design and production.
The approach that motivates me today the vintage style, is that it enjoys enormous popularity.

“Brand Vintage” seeks to be incorporated into the fashion trends of a large number of people, and my art is part of giving it a touch of creativity and recreating what was considered antique and its visual pleasure. For example, there are many celebrities who like vintage style and are icons of fashion and like the most outstanding advantages of vintage style in fashion, I offer in this artistic way the opportunity to recreate and reuse well-preserved objects of special value, which are part of our affections and dearest memories and that take us to that moment of happiness when we observe them in our most intimate environment.

idea and concept

We plan each metal plate as unique from the design to its final finish.


We draw and adapt each logo, brand or image to the real possibilities of metal casting.

molten metal

Metal plate of iron 0.04 in
thick; with relief in “Platina” cast in noble alloy similar to silver, up to 0.11 in.


Patinated and polished that enhances the design in platinum giving the final finish to the plate.

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You can visit the Show Room in Miami. 5837 Dawson Street, Suite B, Hollywood FL 33023.


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